Bison Calf at Moise Montana National Bison Range

Born this spring, this baby bison weighs between 40-50 pounds right now. By roundup time in October it will be over 250 pounds!  
(National Bison Range, Moise, Montana, U.S. Government photo, 2014)

Meditating on the Beauty of Glacier National Park

I have never found any source of peace and beauty that surpasses that which Nature has provided in Glacier National Park.  This photo, taken from Lake McDonald, stands in stark contrast to the circumstances that existed that day.  For the Park was closed at midnight due to the federal government shutdown resulting from the political deadlock in Washington DC. We enjoyed it while we could.
Glacier Park at Lake McDonald

Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or Just Yoga

I've become enamored with the body-mind-spirit connection.  Perhaps this is just part of the aging process wherein we seek more meaning in our lives, and, possibly, an effort to find alternatives to the "religion-based" beliefs of heaven and hell, the Diety, the afterlife and so on. These beliefs were drilled into me as a pre-teen in the Catholic parochial school system.  Even as an 8th grader I had doubts about the Church Canon we listened to from priests and nuns every day.  I doubted that they believed much of what they said; or else they were more child-like mentally than this 14-year-old.

I have been reading selectionsl of the ancient texts and studying the philosophies of civilizations that existed before the advent of Christianity.  I find a lot to like.  Much of it makes more sense than our modern day religions.  And a closer look at the distortions of today's religions from the original teachings reveals that we could learn a lot from our ancient ancestors....of all the religions.

Missoula Dirty Dash Fun in the Mud

To quote from the Dirty Dash Missoula website:  “Missoulians relish getting dirty and can cowboy up to any challenge…you wear it on your bloodstained, trout-smelling, beer-soaked sleeves.” Well, I can’t think of anything a kid of any age would enjoy more than running and sliding around in the mud, and I have two free registration entry codes to give away.    The Missoula Dirty Dash is set for September 15th at the Missoula Equestrian Park on North Avenue out behind Big Sky High School.  I will provide the Codes to the first person who e-mails me at THIS SAVES YOU $50 ON EACH OF TWO LATE ENTRY REGISTRATIONS!
photo By the way, the Missoula race site includes one of the largest muddy slip n’ slides in the country!

(To use the free entry codes you will enter the numbers I provide when you register on the Dirty Dash Website.)

Red Fox on Mount Sentinel Trail Missoula

This skinny little fox was running up and down and various trails on Mount Sentinel on Sunday, evidently hunting.  A friend of mine says he thinks it is a female because raising kids is extremely taxing on their bodies.  This is the season for new babies.  The video is only seventeen seconds long.  

Memorial Day and Snow Too!

Last Memorial Day weekend it rained all three days.  This year the forecast is for more of the same, and our plans would put us at an even higher elevation and that means we may see SNOW!

Sometimes I wonder if we are really so crazy when we decide to camp out in our yard, in the motor home, with electricity, cable tv and internet.  The pets seem not to care if we go anywhere, and once we are settled in, (in the motor home) it seems little different than going somewhere.  

I think young people over-emphasize the importance of driving a long ways to have fun.  Fun is made with the people you have around you.  It doesn't matter so much what you are doing or where you are.  My wife, our two dogs, our cat, a bowl of popcorn and a good movie.  Oh Happy Day.

Missoula Morning: 25 degrees F. But it's May 11th!

We awoke to find frozen rose bushes, frozen tree buds and frozen water dish in the dog kennel.  I never will get used to the Montana winter that just never seems to end.  One year we had heavy, wet snow on June 4th.  Hundreds of broken street trees.  By that standard, of course, a few frozen roses is really nothing but inconvenient. We will buy new ones and replant. The trees should re-bud.  And the dogs love licking the frozen water dish.