Weighty issue

Time to lose some weight! I went to purchase a new pair of dress slacks for a dinner party and when I was "fitted" I discovered that my post-holiday weight made the new pants "tight" in the seat. So I told the Patrick James salesman that I wanted them anyway and that I would reduce the size of the "seat."

Six pounds in two weeks, I am again at 171 and still aim to lose another five. At 5'11" I know that by appearance I am not overweight, but the body fat number is still too high.

As an added benefit, my personal fitness level has improved during these two weeks and yesterday I was able to expend 500 calories in one hour on the treadmill, covering 4.5 miles. Nothing like what I could do 15 years ago, but fifteen years is a long time. Those were marathon and half-marathon years.

Now I aim to run in a local 5K or 10K this spring. My time will be slow, but finishing is always an honorable goal when you are 61 years old.

The dinner party is tonight. This will be the first time I've tried on the pants since they were purchased. If they still don't fit I will just suffer though it. Should be an incentive to not overeat at the free buffet.

And I will keep away from the bar too.

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  1. That's My Son! Sets his mind to something & makes it work, good for you, Doug. It must be hard to go to dinners, etc though & NOT be able to eat all of everything that you would like to. That really must take will power & I don't think I could do it so I am glad, so far, that I don't have to. Although I am sure it is not the healthy way to go but at 80 yrs I better enjoy what I think I can.
    Love you, Mom


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