Wedding Anniversary - Retirement - Pets

Today I celebrate my ninth wedding anniversary with my spouse, Sharon. We had many rough spots along the way, but that was to be expected when two people pretty much set in their ways decide to share a home...and a bathroom...and a kitchen....and a TV remote. We have been happier each year of our marriage, and as I mentioned to Sharon this morning, reaching our ninth anniversary is not so surprising to me as it was reaching the fifth. I look forward to many more years with my beloved. She is the best.

I have now been "retired" for one year. My efforts in retirement have been keyed toward writing. I have an "almost" completed fiction novel as well as memoirs that have been long pondered but little put down on paper. I hope that the second year of retirement will be more productive than the first. A major distraction has been the idea that I should find a way to make some money in retirement. It would be nice, I suppose, to make money from my writing efforts, but that is not likely to happen for a that is on the back burner...effective immediately!

I can't end today's blog without mentioning our pet chow chow, Pouie, who is about to turn thirteen years old. He is near the end of his life span, and although he has been blinded by cataracts in both eyes since last summer, he remains a faithful and alert guardian. We love him so much. Our black lab-rotty cross, named Coby, is just a big lovable and goofy guy who would probably rather be a lap cat.

Have a great day.

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