First RV outing

We decided to take the 1991 Fleetwood Flair, 25-footer, out for a trial run over Easter weekend just to make sure everything worked. (Everything checked out OK.) You may recall a previous post "Time to Quit Sleeping on the Ground."

We stayed overnight at Jim and Mary's RV Park on the outskirts of Missoula. The place was just about deserted except for the year-round campers. We invited my step-son Rob and two grand-daughters, Emilee and Maddie, to join us.
The girls hard-boiled a couple dozen eggs and decorated them. We added some plastic eggs with prizes and had a terrific Easter Egg Hunt outside amongst the trees and the snow. The girls (and Rob) had a great time, we think. We plan to go out again this weekend and venture just a little further...maybe 30 miles this time. It is pretty cold for camping right now, and the forecast for Saturday's HIGH temp is only 38 degrees.

We love the privacy curtains and swivel seats.

Everything is poly-plastic, unbreakable, and very lightweight...just as the helpful hints all suggest.

Wow! Well, we have new snow this morning (Thursday, 3/27), so we will have to see how much snow is still on the ground at Jocko Hollow Campground on Saturday before we decide to run up there. (And it could be pretty chilly too.) Will have to think about this...maybe too early in the year to go RV camping.

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