Gain the Advantage over What Bugs You

Take five minutes to calm your mind. Five minutes when you allow yourself to NOT think about WHAT ELSE you should be doing. (Even a Gemini should be able to do this.)

Be aware that your emotions affect you physically as well as mentally. Awareness is ninety percent of the battle; acceptance is the other half (with apologies to Yogi Berra).

Learn to resist impulses, remain calm, practice clear thinking.

Understand what your strengths and weaknesses are and learn from mistakes.

Approach endeavors with the end result in mind – always see the goal you desire and keep it in the forefront of your mind.

Anticipate potential problems – don’t let every little thing be a surprise. (part of learning from your mistakes)

Be open to change, (think outside the box), be ready to adjust when events take a different turn, (is there a new way to look at something or to do something?)

Accept responsibility for your own performance, good or bad; don’t look for ways to assign blame to others.

Make your own decisions. Don’t be dependent on approval of others.

Take a risk now and then; it brings some zest to life.

Remain optimistic. About yourself, your life, your value and self-worth.

Call upon Spirit. It’s right there—your Higher Self—the “you” that is aware that you are thinking about your Higher Self. The Power is within you to know what to do to help yourself.

Have a great day! --Doug

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  1. First of all nice blog. The photo is really beautiful. Did you capture that?
    I have read all of these but will just make the general comment to cover them all. Very nice!



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