Madison and Gruggers on Mount Sentinel

We did it! We got outside and enjoyed a beautiful 56 degree spring-like day in Missoula, Montana! Eight-year-old granddaughter Madison will only be visiting for a few days but she suggested a climb to the "M" on Mount Sentinel, high above the University of Montana campus.

Along the way she mentioned that she felt "Like we are on the Amazing Race and we are STRUGGLING!" There was still some snow on the trail, but melting quickly, so much of the trail was either muddy or covered with melt water.

We made it to the top with only a couple of resting stops along the way. The view was terrific, even though Missoula hardly looks like the "Garden City" during this time of the year. After shooting a few photos and even a video, we carefully made our way back down.

Grandfather and granddaughter spend the day climbing a mountain. The moments that make life worth living.

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Doug (Gruggers) in Missoula