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I've really slacked off and haven't posted an entry the past few days. I have found that a web blog can be very time consuming and there are so many different ways to modify the pages...much of it just too technical for me.

I do want to share a local trails webpage that I recently found on our local newspaper's site, the Missoulian. This is a terrific resource when you are planning a day outing in the Missoula area. I didn't know we had so many local trails, both for biking and hiking. It's a cool page, I think, and now I want to climb to the top of CHA-PAA-QN PEAK. (Used to be named Squaw Peak. The highlighted hyperlink takes you to the Missoulian's page on that particular hike.)

It looks so intimidating from Missoula. The very top is almost always white with snow. One of my personal goals is to climb a mountain over 10,000 ft, but at just under 8,000 feet, Cha-Paa-Qn doesn't qualify.

Now...I must get on to improving my personal fitness level in the next few weeks to make sure I am ready to tackle the mountains, trails, and fishing streams this spring.

We have new snowfall in Missoula this morning. Perhaps two inches out where I live, but there was quite a lot more in the mountains last night. One of the problems this time of year is that the snow falling during the day is pretty wet because the temperature is above freezing, but as the snow continues and evening temperatures fall, the roads freeze slicker n' hell. Interstate Highway 93 from Missoula to Arlee was closed to all but emergency traffic last evening due to the icy conditions.

It's warming up today and temps should be above 35 the rest of the week. I'm really looking forward to spring. Speaking of "spring," this Sunday is the "spring ahead" day into Daylight Saving Time. What that means to our family is that the morning walks will again be in the dark for the next month. Oh well, at least we will have some daylight to enjoy in the evenings. Have a great day.

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