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Today I am complaining. Complaining about irritations, great and small (or major and minor).

Things that irritate me include:

Anything SLOW
Slow Lines
Slow Lanes
Slow People
Slow Cashiers
Slow Barristas

Anything LOUD
Loud Music
Loud Babies
Loud Dogs
Loud Cats (okay, so they aren’t loud, but they irritate me anyway)
Loud Televisions
Loud Cars, Pickups, Snowmachines, Waverunners, etc.
Loud Fireworks
Loud Dishwashers, Dryers, and other household machines
Loud Tools, Lawn tractors, table saws, LEAF BLOWERS
LEAF BLOWERS (rate their own listing)

Low Water Pressure (faucet, shower, hose)

Men who take their wives last name (with a hypen?—just as bad)

People who don’t WASH THEIR HANDS! (How can a person poop and not wash?)

People who congregate to talk in the aisle or at the airport arrival gate.

Sleeping through my alarm clock

Waking up BEFORE my alarm

Newsmagazine television and Reality programs that repeat the last two minutes you’ve just seen when they return from the commercial break (over and over and over…)

LONG commercial breaks.

Political Ads (is this on everyone’s list by now? Well, just wait until NOVEMBER!)

Having to change my Passwords because someone in tech support says so.

CRUTCH words and phrases (end of the day, like, you know, whatever, best at what he does)

TV Weather Reporters (all of them)

I even irritate myself, by:
Spending too much time reading
Spending too much time on the internet
Spending too much time on the computer
Spending too much time worrying
Spending too much time complaining

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