Sunsets with my wife
A good Hug
A clear night sky
The smell of a garden
Quiet mornings
Runner’s high
Morning Coffee
Writing an excellent blog post
Lying in bed a little later than usual

Memories of walking on the beach at night

Cheering for my granddaughters at softball games
Spending time with my 80-year-old mom
A good yoga down dog and a hang
Granola and soy milk
A good book

My wife’s veggie soup
The smell of alfalfa
The smell of freshly mown grass
Talks with my wife
Naps with my wife
The smell of a library
A meadowlark's song

Walking my dog

A good Scream
A good sweaty workout
Warm cookies right out of the oven
The sound of a gentle snore
A son's success
A beautiful photograph of a child

A great Produce Department
A beautiful landscape photograph
Cuddling with the wife
Coming home after a weekend away
A long drive in the country
A good Laugh

Fresh fruit

A full-body massage with oil
Watching baby animals at play
The smell of wood and sawdust
The smell of a barnyard
Feeling a trout hit my dry fly
A long hot shower, and make it a long one; and hot

Listening to the sounds of nature in the forest

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  1. This is beautiful....and that is an understatement.



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