Beaver Slide Hay Stacker

Beaver slide hay stacker?!!

I didn't know that the old beaver slide hay stackers were still in use. But, as these photos show, the hay stackers are in good condition and the hay stacks are recent. Hay is stacked on a fork at the bottom, then the fork is raised to the top and lifted vertically so the hay slides off onto the stack.
In the old days a team of horses were hitched up and provided the lifting power. Today, a tractor seems more likely, although I've never seen a hay stacker in use.

All photos were taken on May 28, 2008, near Avon, Montana, located on U.S. Highway 12 between Garrison Junction and Helena. is a long stretch of railroad track, right there by the farm with the hay stackers and hay.

There is still a lot of open country out in Montana.

I love getting out here and seeing reminders of days gone past...and then realizing, that for many folks, things haven't changed that much at all!


  1. While working on my uncle's ranch in Todd county, south Dakota, we only used the slide stacker to put up hay. Instead of horses we used a Powerhorse tractor (drove like a tracked vehicle) for the "stacker team". As a kid I thought that was the only way to make hay stacks.

  2. Doug, I hope you don't mind that I linked your site in my blog. Wish I had as good a shot as you do of our old slide.


  3. come on up the grizzly gulch and see us at Last Chance Ranch


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