The BABY CRIB made out of logs

My son is coming over and we will be working on a baby crib made out of logs. Now THERE IS A PROJECT! I think we have at least 100 hours into this crib and three trips up to to the woods to cut logs.

Still trying to get enough pieces of the right size and not rotting or badly split. You never know what you're gonna get until to peel the bark away. This is a great way to spend time with my son...the baby is due in early July so we are beginning to feel the stress of getting this completed on time.

My Retired and Restless blog is taking up an enormous amount of time. Once again, I seem to have spread myself too thin.

I have also been writing for the Western Montana edition of One Thousand Things To, and although I enjoy doing all of this, I do think I am neglecting some of the very important yard work that needs to be done....and SOON!

Why is it that a lawn is so difficult to get started and green-up and then just goes crazy on us? I think it grew TWO INCHES over the weekend! It is beginning to look more like a "crop" that needs harvesting than a simple lawn. The weather doesn't want to cooperate either.

I don't want to be out cutting grass on the nice sunny days, yet, I can't cut the grass when it is raining, or even when it is still wet. I had planned to mow the lawn...but now it is raining again.

What a whiner I am becoming! Time to get off my butt and away from the computer for a while. Just have to remember to maintain some balance in my life. (that old yin-yang thing)

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