Winter Shows its Punch

Winter is SO reluctant to give way to spring that some years it manages to hang around until nearly summer. The week of June 9 to 12 was sloppy, cold, wet, freezing, and snowy--somewhere in the State of Montana--nearly every day.

A planned trip for me couldn't be cancelled so on Tuesday, June 10, I took a little risk, put some weight into the pickup box, and headed up toward Rogers Pass.

Following too closely? Nah, a telephoto lens enhances the effect.

Conditions were pretty good if you ignored the snow, and the Pass was sanded. It snowed all the way from Missoula to the other side of the Pass, then rained the rest of the way to Great Falls.

I left Great Falls by the end of the day and made my way to a cabin in the woods near Lincoln where I was to check up on a cat left alone in the house. I had planned to stay over...and ended up staying an extra day because of the snow and wintry conditions on the "trail" that serves as a road up to the cabin.

Impressive overnight snow made its appearance on an equally impressive firewood pile

Although I was cozy enough inside, it was near freezing the entire time I was there, and I got out of there Thursday morning once the "road" was clear. I have inserted a couple of pictures here: the firewood stack that turned white overnight, and the pathetic attempt to make a snowboarding snowman.

Warmer temps soon erased this evidence and the cabin owners didn't even get to see it. Oh well, I have a photo for posterity, such as it is.

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