Montana Fire Season Update

July was HOT. Although we did not experience the 100+ temperatures of 2007, it was still very hot and very dry. August will bring more of the same. Montana's wildfire season has so far been fairly tame. We have been fortunate. Recent storms started only 17 small fires. We hope for the best the rest of the summer. Missoula experienced a "child-caused" fire recently, which was started at the base of Mount Sentinel adjacent to the University of Montana Married Student Housing and eventually scorched 300 plus acres before it was put out. Here are two photos: One was taken a week prior to the fire, the other one the day following the fire.

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  1. Hello Doug,

    I was hoping that this season would be better because of all the moister we received this winter. Looks like things are drying out!


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  3. Wow, the area really looks beautiful. Have to visit it. It must be great to have views like those all around.


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