A new list of IRRITATIONS Great and Small

A while back I listed some of my pet peeves, well, Irritations Great and Small, and I can't help but add to that list from time to time, and today I am feeling small, so here are a few more things that just "get" to me. BUG ME!

1. Fireworks during the week prior to the 4th of July. Drives me and the dogs CRAZY!
2. Being called “buddy” or “pal.” Who the heck are you, anyway?
3. People who offer to help but never show up for the work. Add this to your own list.
4. People who can’t get to the point of why they are calling – until I try to say good-bye. As in: UMM, wait up a minute...there is something I wanted to ask you...
5. Croc shoes, if they are actually shoes. They look stupid.
6. Food with no nutritional value, like iceberg lettuce. Why do restaurants serve this?
7. Beer bellies. Well, who LIKES them? Anyone?
8. People who always have to “one-up” me when I tell a story. (also called pissing higher on the barn wall) I had friends like this once.

Have a great day.

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  2. I like the list you put together. Number one in particular. It was about two weeks ago as I lay in bed with my beautiful wife almost to the point of dozing. The night sky lit up and thunder roared. Unfortunately it was not due to great sex but some jack ass across the river who decided he, she, they, would pull their own little shock and aw. Having been raised by a pack of wild Cocker Spaniels as a child, I found myself cowering under the bed.
    As for the Croc shoes, I find them enjoyable to chew on.
    Thanks for the comment on "Life in a Sandbox II."

    P.S. I found a few typo's in my first comment and could not stand it. I had to delete. Damn these eyes!

    Take care Doug

  3. Yes yes, what a great list.

    "6. Food with no nutritional value, like iceberg lettuce. Why do restaurants serve this?"

    I never could figure it out. Other greens with better food value cost about the same.

    We always served other varieties, but I guess we had strange customers, they liked it

  4. What up Doug!

    I'm a former Missoulan and grad of the UofM now living in Portland, OR. Saw you on Entrecard and thought I'd say hey!



  5. Number 2 is great ! I hate that too.


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