What a terrific time of the year! Not only do we have the September weather, we have the University Homecoming Week, which began yesterday, on Sunday, September 14. (There was a little "kick-off" at Southgate Mall with the Dance Team and Monte, the Griz mascot.)

Wednesday evening at 8 pm will be the big pep rally and traditional "Singing on the Steps." The UM Marching Band will be performing along with the Cheerleaders and Monte again.
This guy, this mascot, does something like 450 appearances every year. (The duties are shared between two identical "Monte's")
There will be a big Homecoming Dance at the Holiday Inn Parkside on Friday night at 9 pm with the UM Alumni Jazz Band.

Homecoming Parade is Saturday at 10 am down Higgins Avenue, and then, of course, there is a big Alumni Tailgate party in the East Auxiliary Gym at the Adams Center, which is actually a pretty good way to watch the game with a bunch of other "crazies" who don't have tickets. The Tailgate starts at 11 am, and the game kicks off at 1:05 with the Grizzlies hosting UC Davis (the "Aggies")

You can find the complete schedule at the GrizAlum website.

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