Missoula in September
Best Weather in the United States

I know that San Diego touts itself as "America's Finest City" and brags that it has the best October weather in the continental United States. Ummm...I loved San Diego Octobers, and I lived there for 17 years. Beautiful autumn days of moderately warm weather and sunny skies, punctuated with clear and crisp evenings. No bugs, No clouds, No rain. Well, that describes Missoula in September...absolutely perfect weather. Now, admittedly, October in Missoula can begin to get nasty, with some overcast and too cool days, and nights down into the frost zone. Yes, October Halloween night is often really too cold for trick-or-treating...hoodies and parkas for all.

But back to September. This is just gorgeous. Had to put a photo or two on here just for effect, you know? (Note: clicking on photos will open up the full-sized shots, which are quite large.)

But truly, September is a great month for vacationing in Missoula and all of western Montana. Most of the tourists are gone and the highways are clear again. Once you are up in the mountains you can enjoy the beginnings of autumn color...any day in September! Football is in the air, hunting season is just around the corner, autumn fishing is the best of the year. Life is goo.

Goo? Oops. Good. Life is good. Here is a photo of Coby, our Lab-Rott cross who thinks he is a lap-cat. First camp-out without car sickness. Woo-HOO!!


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  1. Missoula looks absolutely beautiful -- it reminds me of our land in Wisconsin with the river running in the backyard. Just love it and I love the "cool" :) weather too. The changing of the seasons is awesome! Thanks for sharing that photo -- and Coby, such a cutie, glad to hear no car sickness this time.

  2. Okay, make me homesick. Where was the photo taken? Blackfoot??

    And Coby is a cool-looking pup! We had a LabaRott, Ebony, but she looked more Lab than Rott. Both parents were pure-bred in their respective breeds. (We lost Ebony to bone cancer last December. It still hurts.)

  3. Sound like Alamosa in July. We're already colder than I'd like right now.

  4. I llove the picture of Coby.

  5. Brings back a lot of memories of my youth. Thanks for the memories

  6. Brings back a lot of memories of my youth. Thanks for the memories


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