Bits and Pieces of Me

First of all, my National Novel Writing Month project went "kaput" right out of the chute. I just haven't developed the character, plot, I have nothing! After sucessfully writing over 50,000 words last year, I thought I could do it again, but it takes time (and creativity.)

Thanksgiving Day is only a few days off and we still haven't made any plans, not even whether or not to roast a bird. We did last year. The question arises because my spouse is vegetarian and I (try) to be most (some) of the time. No sense making the meat and then feeling bad about eating it. But...there are those big dogs in the house....

Blogging is taking up a lot of my time. I have five of them running now and just beginning to generate some income...I had to shut down two because...well, if I can't keep them current then why bother.

My son and I have finished our baby crib made of logs. This has been a six month project and we put in about 300 hours altogether. Five coats of polyurethane and it is looking pretty spiffy. The grand-baby is ready to move into her own bed. (There will be a photo in the next post.)

We adopted a puppy to bring companionship to our remaining pet after the elderly chow-chow's life came to an end. The companionship has also given the wife someone to baby--just a little.


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  1. Oh, no! I was counting on you finishing NaNoWriMo! I need inspiration to keep going.

  2. My husband and I had a chow chow for 14 years and was so hard to put him down. His name was Teo of Moto. I like your new dog. :)

    We will probably go out and eat Thanksgiving dinner and head back into the woods to deer hunt.

    Looking foward to seeing the baby crib made out of logs...a keepsake for sure! :)


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