Crazed Shoppers Make for CRAZY Drivers

Traffic has been pretty intense on the main streets around the shopping areas in this town today. Even at 2 pm, when I finally ventured out, the mall and shopping centers were really busy, although there seemed to be plenty of parking spaces available further away from the storefronts.

The main problem I saw seemed to be traffic. Traffic lined up EVERYWHERE! This seemed worse than rush hour because much of this stalled traffic was at exits from shopping center parking lots. (It reminded me of a parking lot right after a football game.) And the frustrations of some drivers were evident. Perhaps many of them had been here since 4 am, or even camped out overnight.
I witnessed one driver in a pickup truck rip through a parking row, oblivious to any other vehicles that might be backing out. Too bad for them. He was fortunate. And he possibly was also drunk.

I've watched shoppers tear into display tables, tossing items OFF the table onto the floor as they frantically searched for the correct sizes and colors. Of course, the "doorbuster" deals often mean a very slim selection, so frantic antics turn to they just HAVE to buy SOMETHING! This is Black Friday! Bad idea.

So much stress will kill you. If one sits back and thinks about this for even a minute, the realization should come through that this is nonsense. It is meaningless and a waste of energy, both physical and psychic. (You can check out my previous post about wasting energy.)

Today's Black Friday fiasco is a perfect example. And today is only the "beginning" of the holiday rush that evolves into so much stress, so many frustrations, arguments, disappointments and anger. I say leave it all behind. In fact, if you do no shopping at all you will be happier.

I recommend giving cash. I've never had any of my five adult children or four grandchildren ever complain about cash. "Cash is good," says my son. In fact, it is good for me too. Even if it ends up costing me a little more. Why give something that doesn't fit, is the wrong color, isn't what they want or need, or, worst of all, isn't "cool."

Pause and take a deep breath. Sit in silence for five minutes. Add years to your life. Good years, by being settled and grounded.


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