How we CHOOSE to Expend our Physical Energy

I am not one to preach to others about the choices we make, but I have recently evaluated how I spend my time, i.e., my energy.

It was not a particularly pleasant exercise, and did not leave me feeling warm and fuzzy about the focus of my life.

Here are some examples from my own life where I think I "overspend" my energy:

Worrying about stuff that "might" happen.
Anxiety about world events (and elections).
Jealousy of others who get attention that I want for myself
Envy of others who have in their lives what I wanted in mine.
Politics...listening to politicians and discussing political views with ANYONE!
Religion...listening to preachers and discussing religious views with ANYONE!
Being UPSET about the fanatical people who populate our World, Country, State, Town, Neighborhood.
Buying and owning STUFF.
Taking care of and maintaining STUFF.
Deciding what to wear, how long to grow my hair, and whether or not to have a beard/moustache.


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  1. yes~ i got tired of worrying about worrying, now i just look at one thing at a time to solve; as for stuff, I have made my lifestyle more and more miminimilstic~and it really has given me more time, and I do worry less about stuff that is not important.

    I decide on what is important by asking myself~ if my country was invaded today, would any of this be relevant?. Or I watch documentaries/DVDs about the harsh living conditions that others live with.

    During this time of financial crisis there is minimal affect on me; I have never owned a car, do not have children (a few pets tho), am not paying off a house, and live a simple life.

    I do try to be there for others in my community~ local and global, who are not as fortunate as me at this time~ I try to put my energy there.

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  2. How about shooting beams of love out at everyone we meet?


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