Why We Need Passion

When we feel like we are living without Passion, are we really saying we don't care about our lives anymore? Without passion, we are "dull."

What a dull life. What a dull person. Know anyone like that? Well, I do, and being around them just SUCKS THE ENERGY OUT OF ME!

People like that seem needy as well. They will take and take and take, without giving anything in return. It's like they believe the World and everyone in it owes them love, affection, a job, or even an income without a job. They are kind of "used up" on life. I pity them, but I don't know what to do for them. They need professional help.

About all I can do is recommend to them that they might benefit by talking to a counselor. Many times, it is chronic depression, and they can be making it worse with alcohol or other drugs, legal and not so legal.

After recommending that they consider obtaining some help, I just want to disassociate myself from them. Is that wrong? Do we owe such people our allegiance even at the expense of our own well-being?

I know it is very difficult to abandon a family member who fits the above description, but as for colleagues at work and casual acquaintances, I say "get away!" Save yourself from what will only drag you down.

You owe it to yourself and those you love to safeguard your own physical and psychic energy.


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  1. ... I'm hard to say anything ... thus let me to invite you to Modus Vivendi blog and see for yourself at people who live just due your generosity.
    While writing with the dictionary in hand it is hard to find the appropriate words, but I too am one of these who need as you say "an income without a job" - while being diagnosed as the disabled for life I have no other chance, but I heartily invite you to visit my blogs - they are my meditation in color and are kept on a web just because the love of my benefactors.

    Sorry for we suck the energy out of you. Let me apologize in name of all people with disabilities, who need NOT THE PROFESSIONALS but LOVE.
    Sincerely yours


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