The Daily Coyote is now a book too; and a great story

For the past eight months or so I have been enjoying the photos and comments of Shreve Stockton, the Wyoming woman who is raising a Coyote as a pet, sort of. She adopted the coyote as a 10-day-old pup after his mother was killed. She named the puppy "Charlie" and her blog site is known as the The Daily Coyote. It is extremely popular.

The photography is stunning and intimate. And now there is a book too, just published in December 2008 by Simon and Schuster, aptly named The Daily Coyote - A Story of Love, Survival, and Trust in the Wilds of Wyoming. This is a story with spirit, and lest you think it is merely a book of photos, incredible as they are, here is a short excerpt that reveals a lot about the author herself:
"...when we only believe what has been said before, what has been done before, we give our own power away. Possibility evaporates; potential melts and seeps away deep into the earth below us. We cut ourselves short by thinking this way. I have always felt that it is from what we believe that our lives are created, not the other way around."

I've provided a link above, but also am inserting a link to the book on Amazon. I've been trying to read the book, but my wife keeps stealing it away. We have so many little tabs of paper marking especially poignant comments or photos, that it's beginning to look like a scrapbook.

Enjoy. Charlie is quite the animal; as is Eli, the resident cat who "owns" the household.


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