I'm Thankful That I Still Have My Own Teeth

I used to really struggle during Thanksgiving Day dinners when someone would suggest we all take turns saying what we are thankful for. Of course the person who suggested this drill would then quickly say, "And I'll go first!" Stinker. If not for the fact that I really hated to go through this routine, I would have been quicker to be the one to "suggest" and then "go first."

Perhaps we should all brings "lists" of "thankful fors" to have handy at the Thanksgiving Day dinner table...just in case...because there is always someone....

Even when I thought up some "thankful fors" I never got to use them because someone else would beat me to it. There wasn't a lot of originality at the Thanksgiving Day dinner table, as it seemed that everyone was thankful for the same stuff, year after year. That would be another good reason to bring a list. Each person would bring out his or her list, and, with a pencil, scratch out the items as they were mentioned, until our own turn came and we could say whatever was left on our own list. (Limit people to just mentioning one or two because, with a list handy, the tendency would be to just read the entire thing! NO!)

As I get older and older (now I am usually the OLDEST person at the table), I always have a couple of "older" guy things to be "thankful for" that younger people just can't relate to: "I am thankful that I can still get to the table on my own." "I am thankful that I still have my own teeth." "I am thankful that I can still pee."


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  1. I watched my grandfather slowly rot away due to cancer.

    I saw my father die of cancer too, and his last eight years were spent hooked up to an oxygen machine.

    They would have given anything to simply be healthy.

    Yes, we have so much to be thankful for, indeed.

  2. Hi Doug, You have a great blog! Thanks for the ad. DCRose


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