Kimmy Sharing Light

I've visited the Kimmy Sharing Light blog site before, and today I was especially moved by some of the quotations I found there. Without any prompting, I desire to give you a link to the site, and insert her EntreCard widget here as well.
Kimmy Sharing Light
In these difficult economic times, there are many of us who are suffering financially, and many of us have family and friends who are hurting even more than we ourselves.

One of the burdens of modern society is that we become so addicted to it, so attached and dependent, that we cannot survive without every convenience and advantage that we believe we have earned.

It is good to take a moment and reflect on what is important and what is not.

I always find this quotation amusing and insightful, but I don't recall where it came from:
"If you want God to have a good laugh, tell Him about Your Plans."


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