Post Christmas "Blues"

Elvis Presley made a song called "Blue Christmas" and he was lamenting about the sorrow of being apart during the special holiday.

I think we all experience a bit of the "blues" during the week following Christmas. There isn't much going on until New Year's Eve and we are mostly EXHAUSTED! As usual, most of us overdid it at Christmas, whether eating, drinking, spending or just trying to keep up with all the kids. Kids experience a "down" period after Christmas too. They quickly learn that the actual experience rarely lives up to the anticipation.

So take it really easy in the days following Christmas. Remember that it is normal to feel the "let down" and it's very important to use the time for recuperation.


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  1. Unlike you I was very happy to have this holiday be done and over with. But I just got done reading a book and doing some research on the internet and found out that Christmas is mostly made up of traditions taken from the pagans. So I guess what it came down to in my life was that I felt like I was going along with the secular society because everyone else was. My family will celebrate Christmas next year but it will be much different. Sorry for rambling on so. I have felt the holidays blues in the past just this year it happened before Christmas even got here.

  2. I think we generally build ourselves up for the holidays. There is this 2 month countdown of sorts where the holidays are everywhere-Online, on ads on our favorite blogs, on our blogs and on television, magazines, newspapers, wherever you look, you see the holidays which can terrify you or excite you. We put so much effort into either 1 day or 8 days, whichever, and when it's done and over with, we're sitting there like 'Really? It's done?'

  3. I totally agree with you as I sit on the couch with my laptop, dropping cards, visiting favorite blogs and discovering new ones. There is a nice peace to my day today while contemplating the New Year.

  4. I agree that I usually end up exhausted, but rarely feel like I can slow down until the new year. Focus is of course an issue with me. :)

    Happy New Year!!!

  5. Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous 2009.

  6. Be happy and relaxed. Happy new year

  7. I would just like to wish you a Happy New Year!

    All the best to you in 2009!

    The Fitness Diva

  8. Looking forward to a great 2009! Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


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