Terror on a Country Road

You know those big BIG snowplow trucks that we love to see when we are out driving in a snowstorm?

I can tell you that it is the scariest of all scary things to encounter on the road when walking the dogs at 6 am in the dark. Both dogs slipped their leashes and if not for a passing car that stopped, with it's headlights shining, the snowplow would probably have "plowed" us right off the road! (Note: encountering mountain lions and bears is pretty scary too.)

Flashlight, reflective clothing, and heavy duty boots suitable for charging into the ditch are absolute necessities when out and about with a snowplow in the neighborhood.

You see, the workday begins for all of us before sunrise here in the "far North" so dogwalking really can't wait until daylight.

The real problem, though, stems from the apparent "hurry" that the snowplow driver feels when there is insufficient snow or ice for him to travel at a decent pace down the switchbacks leading to our home. The daytime, dry road speed limit is 30, and he does all of that and a perhaps a little more while he "looks" for snow and ice, so he can move on to other roads.

There is only one way in and one way out of our little corner of the World, so we are pretty limited in where we can walk.

The liberal use of four-letter words may slow him down in the future, but who knows?


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  1. hi....drop EC in both of ur blogs. I learned something here.

  2. yikes sounds scary! Glad you and your dogs emerged all right. How's the weather today? Up in Chicago at least it's no longer below zero F, but maaaan is it cold!

  3. I never knew walking dogs could be so scary!

  4. Glad to hear you all stayed safe.

    Have a Happy and safe Holiday!

    Fitness Diva

  5. Glad to hear upi are OK - Seems like I have also had some of my most frightening experiences in Montana. A plow didn't see my white jeep a few years ago and ran me off the road. They are in a "white out" with all the snow flying and just can't see. so in Montana watch out for bears and snowplows.

    Wishing you and yours the Happiest of New Year's wishes.

    For more photos of snow in Montana,
    please visit:

  6. pretty scary. A grizz up on Slough Creek in Yellowston was one of my scariest.


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