Feng Shui for the Mind

I was just reading about Feng Shui, the Chinese Art of Placement, which is a method for determining the placement of furniture and other objects in a room, a home, or an office in order to achieve the optimal flow of Chi. I have a couple of friends who are feng shui practitioners and consultants, so I have a general idea of the theory.

I am just beginning to study this subject and I am withholding judgement, but I tend to give a lot of credibility to anything that has lasted thousands of years.

I was thinking how my mind is like my home too, with lots of little rooms that are locations where stuff is perceived, manipulated, evaluated, stored, etc.

A lot of my mental rooms are pretty messy and I think they must be disorganized as well, and in need of some mental feng shui.

After looking at the feng shui bagua, which is the eight-sided figure above, I have decided that most of my mental feng-y stuff is crossing over and in between the areas. Yup. Messy and disorganized. I need to apply some feng shui.

What I envision here is establishing purpose and priorities. At this phase of my current life, now age 61, I am past the concerns of career, so I can concentrate my efforts on the "Life Path" portion of the Water area.

There are so many family and relational aspects of life that transcend three or four generations in our lifetimes, that I see why we continue to struggle with these areas of the bagua forever. I will have to give this entire "mental feng shui" idea some additional thought, and I would welcome any contributions.


  1. I'm running a related series on Chinese luck forecasting right now.

    Feng Shui is something I's aware of, but know about only very superficially. I did have my enthusiast friend analyse our apartment tho, LoL!

    I've not seen or heard of the bagua - will have to read up on it :)

  2. A fascinating idea. I believe that all rooms/colors/endeavors should be balanced (not equal but in harmony. I don't think 61 (I'm 50) is an end of career for an intelligent person. My mother is 73, my father 75 both very much active, that sometimes scares me so much time what will I do with it? (My grandmother is 94 :) Still living in order is easier when older and seemed impossible when I was a teenager.

  3. I echo the "fascinating" comment above. Neuroscientists are finding that they can map some specific brain reactions to actual physical parts of the brain. The more I read and research ancient and traditional wisdom and coordinate it with things that we're learning and confirming through science, the more I realize that so many things in the body are interrelated in ways we are so very far from understanding. I'll be interested to see if you explore this further and fascinated to read it.

  4. One of the principles of feng shui is to remove all blocks to energy flow. That being said, the mind can most definitely be filled with clutter that impedes our feng shui.

    The negative chatter that prevents us from reaching our full potential can be quieted through meditation practices. One powerful meditation tool is the Calming Heart Sutra (see my blog post "Say Goodbye to the Jitters"). Eliminating toxic relationships helps to clear mental clutter, too. I recommend wafting incense or sage around your aura daily to clear out the mental cobwebs.
    Katy Allgeyer


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