Fill Your Lungs with Clean Air and
Negative IONS

Up here in Big Sky Country Montana we enjoy a lot of mountain air.

I live 3,300 feet above sea level, and am surrounded by mountains. It's not just the view that I enjoy, but the invigorating and healthful AIR that I can breathe.

Just hiking up to the top of the mountain across the road from my house fills my lungs with purifying negative ions.

I think that naturally occurring negative ions, in the mountains, at the beach, alongside a waterfall, are even better than the "negative ion generators" that many people buy for their homes to purify the air.

The jury is still out on whether or not negative ions are good for your soul, but we know they are good for our bodies. The positively-charged air of our air-conditioned shopping malls and commercial buildings increase the burden placed on our lungs.

One excellent article on the benefits of negative ions is published at WebMD, called Negative Ions Create Positive Vibes.

Smoke-filled rooms are the worst, and the effects of second-hand smoke are well-documented. Third hand smoke, that is, the particulate that remains in the air and on surfaces where it is continually agitated and recirculated throughout the room, is only now being fully evaluated for it's debilitating effects on health.

We endure enough stress on our lungs just by driving our cars and inhaling the horrible air along city streets and interstate highways; by walking around in a downtown area that is filled with polluting cars, carbon monoxide, and positive ions.

I highly recommend we all take a breather once in a while and hike up to the very highest nearby peak (within reason of course) and task our lungs with a fast pace and expand our lung capacity.

Breathe in those negative ions! Live long and Prosper!


  1. hallo nice to vising u an good posting

  2. Negative ion is definitely good for us because it helps all to relax or rather let us feel relax. At waterfall, where negative ion is in abundance, we feel good and relax. And indirectly when we feel good and relax, our bodies immune system become stronger. You sure is lucky to be living in such a great environment. Luckily for me, Singapore is a place where there are lots of trees and thus the air are not so bad most of the time.


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