Living in the Light or Living in the Dim

If you feel that you are in touch with spirit; if you feel that you do the right things by others, give more than you receive, treat others with respect, kindness and gentleness, then perhaps you are on an enlightened path.

If you rob banks, shoot people, hurt, molest, curse, cheat, and otherwise work only towards your own benefit without regard for the interests and well-being of any others then you are living in the darkness.

But what of the rest of us? We who are "kinda" okay most of the time, don't do anything overtly damaging, hurtful or endangering to others, while at the same time we don't go out of our way to help anyone else, do not contribute to charitable causes, do not volunteer for charitable organizations, provide only the support for others that is required by conformity or law. Where do we fit in? Where are we on the path? Or have we fallen to the side and can't find our way back again? We see everything through our own "filters" which is kind of like looking at the World from inside our screen door, never opening the door to let in the full light. Can it be said of us that we live in the "dim"?

Life in the "dim" is pretty much self-centered--egocentric--I guess, is the word. The World revolves around us. Like a child who believes that the Sun comes up in the morning "because it is time for me to wake up" some of us never grow beyond our own smallish ego-centered world.

We who live in the "dim" need a wake-up call. Oftentimes this comes in the form off a serious accident, injury or illness that forces us to face our own mortality and neediness.

If we turn ourselves around in this time of need, perhaps we have a chance to find our way back onto the Path. If not, we may be assigned to the gutter where we will remain until the day we die.

Better hope for reincarnation and another chance.


  1. I guess it really depends on how you believe. If you see this world as real then I can follow your way of thinking. If you see this world as an illusion then it doesn't matter.

  2. i like this entry. when i feel like i only care for my own needs and forget about my makes me feel so guilty.:(


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