My New Front Tooth

Oh man, but how do you like this "look"?

I wasn't eating anything hard, just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and I "felt" the tooth suddenly break away. What an awful, awful feeling.

Now I will humble myself and ask for donations to the cause for having this repaired.

Any, and I mean "any" amount will help. Thank you in advance for your compassion.

I guess Paypal will accept credit cards or paypal transfers.


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  2. Hey Doug

    I know about that dental thing. going through it now with my hubbby. he has to have them all pulled at the top and even with dental insurance it's still not cheap.

    Hope my few pennies help. wish I could do more. so I'll post a message like spicy bugz on my blog and hopefully it will get at least some attention.

    cheers my friend


  3. Doug, hope you can get it done soon.

  4. Just like a liberal to ask for a handout.

    Always want to use other people's money.


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