Water, Water Me Well!

Yes, it's a goofy title; but the point is that water is so important to our health I wonder why we must remind ourselves so often to be sure to drink water.

Helpful hint: If you are accustomed to drinking coffee with your meal, try drinking hot WATER instead. Not only will your palate be fooled but your digestive system will avoid the caffeine (and 3000 other compounds in coffee).

Better than drinking coffee or hot water: Soup! Soup has nutritional value while also helping you feel full sooner so you reduce your caloric intake.

My favorite WATER SOUNDS:
The Roar of White Water rapids
A Babbling Brook
The gentle Lapping on the Lake shoreline
Rain on the roof of my car!

Here is a link to one of my favorite bloggers, Family Health Avenue, and an article on WHEN TO DRINK YOUR SIX TO EIGHT GLASSES A DAY.


  1. I drink water pretty much with every meal and never have pop when I go out to eat anymore--water and better and FREE!

  2. I've noticed that when I don't get enough water, I wind up with a painful kidney infection. How's that for motivation to do the right thing?

  3. Clean water is the best drink God gives to us. Enjoy drinking water to stay healthy.

  4. Yes, agreed, water is essential (I drink tons), but also green tea is very healthy for you too.


  5. Thanks for sharing - I live an area where we have great water - I feel for those who have to have city water or there water is not clean for drinking. I only don't drink enough of it.


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