Women's Health - Struggle for Equality

Women in the World still live at a great disadvantage, and often at great physical risk. For girls and women in MUCH of the World, there is no equality.

Here in the United States, we have make great strides, although the work is far from complete.

President Obama has created a top level panel on Women's issues to work with him on ensuring that women are afforded the same opportunities as men in the United States. The members of the panel, including some cabinet members, will coordinate the government's efforts across all departments.
As a father of two daughters, he has expressed not only great interest, but great concern about their future, and therefore, as President, the futures of all young girls and women.
As a son and grandson, he observed the struggles experienced by his mother and grandmother in raising a family as single parents and in an adverse and unfair work environment.
During the signing ceremony for the Executive Order creating the panel, President Obama noted that women still make only 78 percent of men's salaries.

Women are the primary victims of violence, domestic violence particularly, with 25% of all women in the United States experiencing domestic violence at some point. 

It is estimated that one-third of all girls will experience sexual abuse before they are 18.

March is Women's History Month. There are some terrific web sites with observances of the roles of women, including the U.S. Government Library of Congress site at Women's History Month, the Smithsonian, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

This blog is about Healthy Living, and that can also mean Living with a sense of Safety and Security, with Equality and Equal Access to services, Equal Pay, and Equal Opportunity for Advancement.


  1. Well said, Doug. I am all for equality of opportunity - if I want to be a welder or a hairdresser, I should have the opportunity. And certainly equal pay for equal work. The only difficulty is legislating against the down time of maternity. And unless all children automatically go into some sort of care, leaving Mum free to work all hours as men do, I'm not sure there is an answer to this. Mind you, most successful men have a wife to ensure clean shirts and meals and stuff. Maybe women should have wives too. Or the government should supply housekeepers to everyone.

  2. Hooray for this Post. Man and woman are like two wings of a bird, and they need to be equal to enable the bird to fly......

  3. Cheers! These are thoughts that should be spread all over the world. It is one thing for women to take a stand for equality but when a male does it for women...it is heard throughout an entirely different audience.
    Thank you for supporting the Empowerment & Equality of women.

    Have a very positive day!

  4. This was an excellent article, and I very much enjoyed reading it.

  5. iam a mother. Thank you for supporting the Empowerment & Equality of women.

  6. i agree with u about supporting the Empowerment & Equality of women.

  7. Excellent post - you can add that on the health care front, we are only now starting to realize and account for the fact that the physical differences between men and women mean that illnesses and medications affect us differently. The best treatment for a man may not be the best treatment for a woman. Conditions that disproportionately affect men tend to get big funding money. Ones that affect only women, not so much, though it's getting better. Cheers to you for supporting women in the world!


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