Living the Good Life on Earth Day

The "Earth rising over the lunar landscape" is a spectacular photo from the Apollo 8 mission that circled around the moon and returned to Earth. This is an official NASA photograph.

The question of whether or not we are really living the good life occurs to me more and more often; most recently, upon the annual observance of Earth Day.

We have been "observing" Earth Day for 39 years. I'm not so optimistic about the Human Race on Planet Earth; the planet will survive and continue to orbit the Sun. We may not. In fact, our prospects for continuing to exist beyond the next couple of hundred years are not so bright.

We don't have any place else to go, so we'd better find the will, and the technology, to correct our many environmental errors, or we will go the way of so many other species, and become extinct.

There are some good sites to look at on this Earth Day:

Earth Day 2009 This is the Earth Day Network site.

On the right, is the "unofficial" Earth Day flag, the big blue marble.

Bloggers Unite Here is a project for bloggers to get with the Earth Day program.

Here is a link to the Wikipedia article about Earth Day

And finally, this is the link to the U.S. Government's official Earth Day site.

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