Mom's Day Still Special

In light of all the other "special" days on the calendar, many of which were fabricated by the greeting card printers, I still enjoy Mother's Day the most.

I am fortunate to have an 81-year-old Mother who is vibrant, witty, determined, independent and sassy. She wrote and published her first novel at age 75. What an inspiration to those of us who have long-aspired to be writers of novels and such!

My Mother's Day greeting to my Mom is usually flowers in a vase or basket, delivered, because I live many miles away. I am not much of a traveler anymore, and in that respect, I am much like my Mom.

Sunday will also be a day for telephone calls. If I recall correctly, Mother's Day is the number one day for telephone calls in the USA. It is also a BIG day for men and women who are in the military services to remember Mom and call home.

My Mom is the best!


  1. Wow, she wrote a book at 75? That's amazing! Happy Mother's Day doesn't seem to be enough for our moms does it?


  2. That's really sweet that it's your best "special" day. You must be very proud of your Mom, a book at 75. That's amazing.

  3. Published at 75? Wow, thats pretty cool. What is the subject matter?



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