Security for Personal Health

One part of a healthy lifestyle is peace of mind.

Part of that "peace of mind" comes from knowing that you have done your best to ensure that your vehicles are properly maintained and ready for the road. Something as simple as running out of gasoline can ruin an outing. A broken Timing Belt can END it.

My recent week included a broken timing belt as well as malfunctioning equipment on our motor home. The timing belt should have been replaced at 60,000 miles, but I had 80,017 miles on my 12-year-old Ranger pickup when the belt went. Age could have something to do with it too. Rubber can get brittle over time. Not many 12-year-old Ranger pickups have only 80,000 miles on them. This repair was fairly inexpensive as the breakdown occurred in my own city, Missoula, and my mechanic effected a repair within 6 hours of the event. (The mechanic's name is Patrick Jensen, with an 'e' and I highly recommend him as knowledgeable, honest and responsive.)

The motor home was checked out just before our trip. It is important to remember that there are TWO parts to a motor home: the truck chassis and the coach. The truck chassis was what I had checked out; the coach, which contains the "hotel" aspects of a motor home, was not checked out. The LP gas mode for the refrigerator did not work. Since we were camped in the wild where there was no electricity to hook up, we needed the self-contained LP gas mode to keep the reefer cold. A refrigerator on battery power will quickly run down the battery. One can't drive all the time, so while we were parked in 98 degree weather, the food in the reefer got warm....

Peace of mind is a very important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. It also makes things easier in the "personal relationships" part of life. We have to ensure that our family feels safe and secure when they are out in the wilds with us.

Inspect those rigs and maintain them!!

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