Thinking about Eating

In my younger, "invincible" days, I seldom put much thought into my diet. Food was food, and the goal was to fill up as fast as possible. I think my Father was my inspiration: he was the fastest eater I can remember ever watching. He hardly chewed his food, and, as it left his fork, I think he was already swallowing.

I vividly recall, to this day, his "humorous" end to saying grace: "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, whoever eats the fastest gets the most." "Ha, eat up," and he would laugh.

Growing up in a family of SIX BOYS (he was the youngest), plus SIX GIRLS, (he was 10th overall), the competition for food was a legitimate concern. He grew up during the Great Depression and then World War II, with food rationing and scarcity daily facts of life.

He never forgot his beginnings, and it affected us all.

My Father had horrible gas. Farting was how he showed his appreciation for a good meal, meaning he was stuffed. He loved to claim that people in other cultures farted after a meal to show their appreciation to the cook. I never knew if he really believed that, but it provided an excuse for me to fart too.

Today, we realize the effect of a poor diet and our eating habits. Eating slowly will result in feeling fuller, after about 20 minutes, regardless of how much one actually consumes. Chewing food thoroughly helps digestion and reduces intestinal gas. (There, that's my contribution to a healthy lifestyle for today.)

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