ALWAYS, There is the Weather

Mother Nature seems never to tire of surprising us with shifts in weather.

This morning, just two days after enduring 98 degree temperatures, it was 59 degrees here at my house. By 10 am, it was 63. I think the warmest temp all day was 74. Amazing.

This afternoon the wind blew SO hard, the smoke from wildfires southwest of us swept into our valley and blocked out the sun.

This evening, Severe Storm Warnings for thunderstorms and two-inch hail to the northeast of us.

Most amazing. We even received some rain.

Over the past few years I have seen heat waves and cold spells like never before. I don't know if the global weather changes are being reflected in our Montana weather, but I wouldn't be surprised at all.

This past weekend, the very hot and dry weather was something we endured while out camping in the semi-wilds of western Montana. Here is a link to that post:
Gruggers Way - Moving Along in Life: the RV Phase


  1. It has been unseasonably cool in WV as well. We are finally creeping up to average temps for this time of year.

    I hope the rain takes care of the wildfires for you.

  2. It has rained in record levels the past two days...and the wildfires have been put down! All smoke right now but no flame.


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