Fifty-Six degrees of Separation from Summer

Just dropping a short note to mention that it rained again all day yesterday, and so far all of today, plus wind...oh LOTS of wind!

The thermometer on the deck says 56 degrees...3 pm...Friday, AUGUST 14th.

The puppy won't stay outside long enough to do her business...she passes gas like her daddy!! Speaking of smell....

One good thing...starting to smell like football season outside. At least the Montana Grizzlies can practice in GAME-LIKE CONDITIONS! I imagine the players are glad that it is not 98 degrees...a more typical August 14 temperature.


  1. Wow, it's a very typical 94 degrees here and yes, it's football season!

  2. We've been getting plenty of rain here in NY too and now of course Hurricane season is upon us :P


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