Keeping up with Crabgrass

Now that the rain has stopped, our lawn, crabgrass and all, has been running absolutely WILD the past two days.

I think that is what exhausts me most about summer: Mowing a lawn that grows so fast that I can actually see the difference in height from day to day. In fact, with an acre to mow, it sometimes take two days (mornings only) during the hottest part of summer.

By the end of day two, I can see an inch growth from where I began on day one, and will need to cut again in just two days. Two inches of growth every four days. Crazy. I am so glad this only goes on for a couple of months. Our problem is that we have sunlight from five in the morning until ten at night. That is a lot of growing time each day.

A quick solution would be to stop watering, but the wife would never allow that. I guess we don't really want the place to look abandoned.

At least the price of gasoline is better this summer. Last year I had to pay nearly $25 for a 5-gallon can of gas. I only get about three cuts out of 5 gallons.


  1. It is crazy. As soon as that sun comes out look out. It is time to mow the lawn.

  2. We don't live in a very sunny area...hubs mows the lawn once a week. I'd go crazy if we had to mow it every other day or so!

  3. I hear you on that one or should i say my husband does?

    At least you don't have one half of a huge tree down!!

    We had a very a terrible storm blow through last week and took down some very large limbs.

    This is very unusual for us here in Oklahoma this late in the year. No tornadoes but straight winds clocked at 75 MPH+!

    One of which is currently floating in our pond.

    So my hubby got home last night and guess what his plans are for the entire weekend?
    Happy mowing!!:-)

  4. I grew up in Southern California during drought years. Water was rationed, so most lawn died in the summer heat. That made mowing pretty easy.

    RYC: It's cool that you learned how to do so many things left-handed. My dad had a similar jumble of left-right preferences, and is a natural leftie. One of the three contributors to our site is too, and she is very excited about the day. I myself am a rightie, and after doing the research for Lefthanders day I can appreciate more how much it's actually a challenge. I'm glad also that you can all rise to the occasion.

  5. When we first moved to our current house I used to love mowing our huge lawn. Somehow the novelty has worn off!


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