Montana Grizzly Football Season 2009 Begins

University of Montana Grizzly Football dominates autumn Saturdays in Missoula.

Organizers of any other Saturday event in Missoula during September, October, and November MUST take into account whether or not it is a HOME GAME day for the Griz.

Even road games mean thousands of folks will be glued to television sets at home or out at local sports bars.

I would have to be totally out of touch if I didn't include some mention of Grizzly Football in this blog, and so I have added a link to their schedule, which will also include game results.

This link sends visitors to my Grizschedule blog that includes a Google Spreadsheet I have created. The Google Spreadsheet is updated with game results and final scores during the season.

I also retained the spreadsheet of the Grizzlies' remarkable 2008 Season, which included a playoff run to the National Championship, which they lost, unfortunately, to the University of Richmond.

The Grizzlies have a new quarterback this year, and that sometimes means a shaky first few games. Luckily, the Griz schedule starts at home, Saturday September 5, against Western State College of Gunnison, Colorado, a small school with enrollment of 2,500 and a stadium that seats 4,000.

The second game this season will be on Saturday, September 12, at the University of California at Davis. UC Davis came to Missoula last year and nearly picked off the Griz, but fell just short 24-29.

I'm certain that the Aggies will be gunning for the Griz this year when they have them in the 10,000-seat confines of Aggie Stadium. We shall see.

I noticed that the Grizzlies are ranked #3 in the nation in the pre-season FCS poll, behind Appalachian State (#1) and the University of Richmond (#2). The Griz did not receive any "first place" votes in the pre-season poll, which kind of indicates that their high ranking is based on previous performance and reputation.

Appalachian State brings a big record of success with national championships in 2005, 2006, and 2007. Appy State also brings back last year's Walter Payton Award winner in Quarterback Armanti Edwards.

Richmond is the team that beat the Griz in last year's national championship game. A re-match would be cool, but that is a LONG way off in the future.



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