Semi-domestic Urban Whitetail Deer

I headed outside and fired up the big ol' lawn tractor, all 35 horsepower, 54-inch cutting deck and all, ready to attack the South African veldt that overtakes my yard every summer.

Firing up to full throttle, I cruised up the driveway and engaged the blade, while two whitetail bucks just stood there 20 feet away, as casual as zoo animals.

The older one looked at me as if to say, "Your not the first tractor that I've seen, and certainly NOT the BIGGEST! Putt, putt, putt."

A bit later, upstairs with my camera I spotted "junior" here, taking a "pause" during his lawn dinner to doo his duty in my yard. There are HUNDREDs of little deer reminders in my front yard alone, and thousands more out back in the open area. They even jumped my four-foot chain link fence to get at young trees and shrubs, and left a deposit in the middle of the back yard to show total disdain for my fence.

A balancing act of the first order. (Clicking on photos will open a larger views)


  1. They are pretty to look at but they are in for a "shock" next year when they head for my garden. I suspect they brought in the tomato late blight from another garden. They have also broken down several of my pepper plants.

    Most nights about 10:30 they can be found robbing our bird feeders too.

  2. What beautiful deer to have right there! Junior is precious -- even if he is doing his doody... ;)

  3. Hi Doug,
    I do think deer are pretty animals to look at. That is pretty neat that they were kinda tame by your place. Most of the deer here in Missouri are wild. We have deer by my house. One bad thing is they like to feed by the road and they sometimes run into vehicles. Have a great week! :-)

  4. Great pics, guess you just have one yummy lawn (at least to the deer)

  5. I just adore these creatures, but I understand how much a nuisance they can be as well. My mom lives in Michigan in Mackinaw and she has about 8 deer that visit her every morning on the front lawn. Of course, my stepfather has purchased food for them that they keep in a huge barrel, so I guess their a bit more welcome to visit everyday.

  6. You are so very lucky to have so much natural beauty and wildlife at your doorstep.

  7. Yes Deer are wonderful creatures. Just keep them in your yard and not the street. I am so sad when I see a deer on the side of the road.
    Have a good day.

  8. Looks like your freezer must always be full!

  9. I love the deer but oh boy I would really like to have a lawn mower like yours!!

    I could zip through our little old strip in no time.

    I never thought I would see the day where I dream of lawn mowers!!

    We do have 2 very nice riders with a 42 inch cut. But, that 52 sure sounds good!!:-)))


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