When it RAINS in Montana

We don't receive a lot of rain out here. In the winter (and fall and spring) we receive SNOW.

During the few months when we enjoy relatively warm weather around Missoula, rain showers are few and far between, other than FAIR week, which has always been a problem. So much so, that a few years ago, the Western Montana Fair changed its schedule to avoid this first week of August, when it not only rains, it POURS!

True to form, this week we have rain, and wind, and cold temperatures. High today only 67, tonight: expected low of 49. This is August. Everywhere but here it seems.

Another thing about the rain...in Montana. The water is always COLD! Does not matter what month...does not matter what time of day or night...the rain water is ALWAYS COLD. I wore a jacket today. August 7th.

(Photo taken one June morning in Montana)
One year I was in Butte Montana, August 9th, 1974, the night Nixon resigned as President. Frost on the ground the next morning in Butte, and the snow line on the mountains was just above the city's tallest building. Ever been to Butte? Not a skyscraper in sight.

You may know, perhaps, that it snows somewhere in Montana every month of the year. And it doesn't necessarily have to be in Glacier Park, where I have been snowed in at the top of Logan Pass on August 15 a couple of years ago.


  1. It can get kind of crazy. I was a volunteer at the Carroll College orientation in August 1992, and we had to move a bunch of events because we got 6" of snow in Helena.

  2. Very interesting. Remind me not to complain about Connecticut.

  3. I need to move to Montana (actually, I have a lot of relatives there) I'll trade snow anyday for the nasty, hot, humid temps in Norfolk, VA - todays temp will reach 100 degress - YUCK! Send me some snow!!

  4. I'm in Manitoba. We have had the coldest 8 months on record this year. I still have flannel sheets on the bed!! This week the temps are supposed to be between 79F and 89F which is too warm for me!! (these are normal temps for Aug.) Might have to get rid of the flannel sheets!
    At least we don't get snow in June (as a rule)

  5. wow, that looks very cold there.

    Holiday With Mama


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