Corn Bread In Cast Iron Skillet

This is "CAMP OUT" corn bread!

My lovely camp-out Wife put this together, adding some corn kernals from fresh cobs right out of Benson's Missoula Farm, plus a little "sharp" cheddar cheese and VOILA!

The corn bread is fairly thin, only about one inch in thickness, and this keeps it pretty crunchy, like eating the top of a muffin....only better. We had it with home-made soup, also prepared while camping.

Other than a little fly fishing, my primary enjoyment in camping is savoring the cooking that my wife somehow accomplishes in a little RV kitchen and on a Coleman propane stove.

We love a good campfire, and, of course, sometimes cook out on the fire too. Last weekend I fried a trout out on the campfire...the dogs enjoyed that too.


  1. I LOVE "Camp Out" corn bread! It doesn't get much better than that. And no matter how hard you try to re-create it, it just isn't possible. Yum - your wife seems talented to concoct all of that in the space provided, like you said. You go girl! xx

  2. Ooooo that looks so good. Adding corn kernels - I am going to try that.

  3. OH, yum! I can taste that cornbread right now. Great pic.


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