Coyote Serenade or Symphony

Coyotes were howling nearby last night. I looked outside but the moon was not full. Bright, but not full.

A wonderful clear night for howling.

They certainly set the dogs a-howling too.

If a serenade is a single coyote, then I guess if we have several coyotes...and we did...then it must be a "symphony." I listened for harmonies, but the dogs were setting up such a racket that I gave up.

I love clear, crisp nights in Montana. We are getting overnight temperatures about 40 degrees now.


  1. same here on the night temps. fall is definately moving in. Love that picture at the end

  2. It is kind of scary when the coyotes howl around here - I always worry that they're after one of my llamas or rabbits! And they do get all the dogs to join in their symphony. Thank you for hosting my entrecard ad!

  3. in our neighbors they have dogs and sometime they also howl and it is very scary specially if they howl around 12midnight (T_T) they said that if the dogs howl it means there will be earthquakes coming soon... I wonder if you believe in those sayings?

  4. I think I would be scared to hear a coyote howl. It is a beautiful animal except for the teeth.


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