First Day of College in 1969

I can hardly think of any words to go with this.

Just out of the Navy, 1969, and off to skwuel as a college freshman. Look at that SUIT! Three-piece! A vest! Even in 1969, I was the only "kid" wearing a SUIT on the first day of school. Some of the students didn't even wear shoes.

I don't recall which word would have been used by the college women to describe me back in 1969. Pick one.

This picture looks like it could have been taken in 1949. The car, by the way, is my 1963 Ford Galaxy 500 convertible, canary yellow, four-on-the-floor, 390 cubic inch displacement. Hot.

I bought this car from Pete's Auto Sales in Great Falls, Montana, in 1968, while home on leave from the Navy, and then drove it to Jacksonville, Florida. Three months later I drove it to Norfolk, Virginia, and six months after that I drove it back to Montana.


  1. Hey, my first day of college was in 1969, too. But I was straight out of high school. When I remember what I found at school, I can imagine the reception that beautiful suit got.

    BTW, love the car!

  2. I don't know what the girls would have said in 1969, but I think you looked striking! And, can I ask, how tall are you? Your legs go on forever.

  3. LOL I like the labels you put on this post. You look pretty snazzy there. Cool car, and after you drove it back to Montana, what became of it?

  4. It sure looks beautiful in Missoula. It's funny, sometimes when I look at different blogs I realize just how big the USA is. sometimes we get lost in our little corner of the country. It makes me realize I need to do some traveling. Sometimes the best places are little home towns with diners where everybody gathers for morning coffee. Great blog you have here. Really struck a chord.

    -Chris from Tempe, Arizona

  5. What a very fine looking young man.

  6. Ha- Looks like my hubby on his first job. He dressed "older" then than he does now. Pretty funny

  7. I was USAF,in 1971 I bought a '65 Ford Galaxy while stationed at Chanute AFB,it was my very first car.

  8. In response to commenters"
    I "was" 6 feet tall in the photo, but length distorted by the fact that I was a skinny 138 pounder!!

    Whatever happened to the '63 Galaxie? Half-way through my freshman year of college, 1969, I traded it, even money, for a 1962 Ford Thunderbird convertible, robin's egg blue. Two years later, that T-bird took me and a couple of girls to Reno, then to Colorado Springs, eventually to Rapid City, SD, where the T-bird took a dive. Finis.


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