Mimi's Lemon-Apple-Ginger Dressing

We've not done this before, but I am going to share a recipe for a home-made salad dressing that Sharon makes for us that I think is better for us than most any store-bought salad dressing, and certainly tastes better than those "spritzers" that are on the market now.

Here is our recipe, which I have named, "Mimi's Lemon-Apple-Ginger dressing:"

Into a blender, place

One apple, quartered, with peel but no seeds

One cup lemon juice,

¼ cup olive oil,

½ cup water,

1or 2 Tablespoons of Tamari or regular soy sauce,

Ginger root, finely grated,

(Peel first, and use a piece about the size of your thumb)

8 packets of Splenda (or another brand)

Blend on “liquefy” or highest setting, about 30-45 seconds.

Note: This makes about ¾ of a blender full.

Store in glass jar in refrigerator.

Shake before serving as this mixture will settle and separate somewhat.

The sweetness can be adjusted by amount of Splenda, obviously.


1-Use Pear instead of apple. Or, use half and half or some other ratio to suit your taste.

Pear will mellow out the flavor some, reducing the lemon tartness, if that is preferred.

2-Use 1/4 cup of honey instead of Splenda. We used to use honey but there are so many calories...

I guess a person could use Stevia instead of Splenda, but add just a little at a time and keep tasting to find your preferred sweetness. It may add a bit of licorice flavor, but I’ve never tried Stevia in this dressing.

If you decide to try this, let us know what you think of it.


  1. Stevia is a good choice over splenda. Splenda may not have any calories, but it may cause fat storage and a desire for more sweets. Not all brands of stevia taste the same, and it is true you have be careful with amounts. I use SweetLeaf. There is no aftertaste, and is the only stevia brand or sweetener on the market with no calories, no carbs, and a 0 glycemic index! There is a conversion chart showing how much stevia should be used when a given measurement of sugar is provided at sweetleaf.com. I use SweetLeaf Stevia Plus ( with added fiber) in fruit smoothies, and it is sooo good!

  2. We always make our own dressings. Without sugar or sugar replacements.
    Less lemon juice, and sweet apple. Maybe some sweet berries when you want a jellylike dressing. That's what works OK too.

  3. Sounds very interesting, bet it tastes great. I also bet that my husband wouldn't touch it, he's so darn picky


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