Nature's Bounty HUGE Zucchini

Even though I can't grow anything near this is nice to have friends who do pay enough attention to their gardens to benefit many of us lazier type people.
The round zucchini on the right is named Tondo di Piacenza Zucchini
And if this isn't big enough, you can click on the photos to open larger views.

There are many recipes for zucchini dishes, and we enjoy this veggie nearly every day. And it looks like we will be enjoying it for many days.


  1. I miss having a garden, I don't even have a neighbor who has one. I'm hungry for zucchini bread now. :)

  2. I've never seen a round zucchini before. It's cute. But I'll let you eat my share.

  3. Oh those are gorgeous looking zucchini! I never let mine get that big preferring them to be 6 to 8 - inches long where they are nice and tender perfect for foil packets or sauteeing. Congrats on the generousity of your friends and I do hope you enjoy your zucchini :)

  4. That fresh squash looks tempting...


  5. That is very good. I have a neighbor that brought us tomatoes. Maybe the squash is next.
    Have a good one.

  6. I love to plant and I can't wait for the harvest time. You know what zucchini is very expensive here in the Philippines that's why I want to try planting also this one someday.

  7. Oh wow, these are really HUGE! I love squash but haven't tried zucchini.


  8. I'm headed to the kitchen right now to make chocolate zucchini bread.

  9. I've never seen a round zucchini. Is the taste the same? Does it cook the same? You could come up with some really interesting recipes by cutting it into big circles.

  10. I made chocolate zucchini bread today. It is awesome... actually more like cake you would want to put with some ice cream.


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