Perhaps Providence Protects the Innocent

As I drove down the switchback at about 30 mph, I saw out of the corner of my eye,a young whitetail "bambi" at full run heading on a course that would cross directly in front of my motor home.

He was about 50 feet away, and he may have been spooked by a coyote or cougar, because he was frantic, or so it seemed.

Like an outfielder who quickly computes the trajectory of a fly ball, I realized that I DID have the time to stop before hitting him. I stopped about ten feet before he crossed in front of me. I watched for a following fawn or a coyote or whatever, but there was nothing more. So...happy ending.

This is a photo of a fawn who passed through my yard the other day. They all look the same to me this time of year. Still have their spots. Still cute as all get out.


  1. You're a goog man Doug.

    Here in Malaysia, though we don't have lovely looking deers like the one in your photo, BUT a Malaysian driver would have taken delight in ramming any creature in his path of drive. Then make a voluminous heroic story out of it for his friends how he killed a dangerous wild animal.

    That would be the usual unless it were to be a wild elephant in his path. hahaha. We do have wild elephants in Malaysia.

  2. That is an absolutely adorable photo !!

  3. You are lucky if you stay in a place where you have wild anials in your yard

  4. Really nice photo of a true cutie!! What is it about baby animals? OTOH, deer season around here will start soon--when there are too many and not enough food, it's a bad scene.

  5. Doug, I just wanted to stop and say hello. I hope you are doing well, have a wonderful Saturday!


  6. a happy ending for you and the deer. I travel a road every morning going to work that can be quite dangerous as far as deer crossing. I've only hit one but have known people who have hit several. I've also had way too many close calls.


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