Walking the Line Feeding the Horses

I just liked the way this scene lays out. The photos are from Moon River Arabians horse ranch near Missoula, Montana.
Below is the same photo, capturing the full scene from afar.


  1. nice place you have there. thanks for sharing these photos.

  2. What great scenery and the horses truly set the stage for the background. I know that part of our US is simply beautiful and we will make it that way one of these days Lord willing. Thanks for the post and pictures!

    Friends 4 Life!

  3. I LOVE all your pictures ... makes me want to head on out your way! I've always wanted a big ranch with horses, and wildlife all around.

  4. These are great Doug! We stopped in Missoula once while I was out with Walter on the truck.

    I had a toothache and had to see a dentist of all things!! She pulled my tooth and off we went!!:-)

  5. Love the photos, especially the first one. Like the title you gave to the post too, very fitting for that photo.


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