Autumn Harvest Festivals in Montana

Football season is here and the Farmers' Markets are closing down, but there are Harvest Festivals to attend.

Sometimes called Octoberfest, or OktoberFest, these events bring local folks together with visitors from all over to enjoy the fruits of the late autumn harvests, particularly apples, pumpkins and other squash, plus the pies, the rhubarb, the wonderful baked goods that our Moms still make!

Find a harvest festival near you and enjoy this special time of year.


  1. Gotta love harvest time. I love fresh squash, unfortunately no one else in my house does.

  2. Lovely veggie pic. I LOVE veggies as art and as lunch!

  3. It all looks good, Doug. Been through beautiful Missoula many a time to visit friends in Polson down the road and then head out to Glacier to camp out for a couple of weeks. I love Big Sky Country, but I'm about 7000 miles away living on the edge of a jungle in the Philippines now. I'll have to bookmark your blog as a favorite and come back. Take care.


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