Missoula Red Wave Marching Band

This is Homecoming weekend at the University of Montana in Missoula, and the homecoming parade is an event that involves hundreds of Missoulians. We look forward to this day when we can come out and see the football team, the cheerleaders, the marching bands....even the grandkids marching in the Red Wave! This is a photo from the 2008 Homecoming parade, when the weather was pretty good, beautiful in fact.
Colder temperatures this weekend will put a damper on this year's Parade. Friday overnight low is predicted to be 8 degrees!

Can you imagine all the youngsters in the Red Wave band lined up Saturday morning waiting to begin the parade? How COLD they will be! Better dress for hunting season, kids, and watch out for freezing your lips to the horns. Wear gloves too. Who cares if you hit all the notes?

The HIGH temperature for Saturday is forecast at 34 degrees. That should make for an unpleasant welcome for the visiting football team from Cal Poly. They won't have enough time to adjust to the weather and their California metabolisms will overload on protein and they will be sluggish and sleepy and pooped out by the Second Quarter, hopefully. Go GRIZ!

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  1. don't you just love the home team advantage :) I thought it was cold here, I'll stop complaining about 50 degree weather now.


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